Sept 17, 2013 - Rizek Abusharr

Rizek AbusharrMiddle East Report - Rizek presented a first-hand report from his recent visit to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He included an informative history of the region. Questions and discussions followed.

May 21, 2013 - Mel Boynton

Mel Boynton

Mel Boynton, PVUNA Member and Division President, presented an informative overall view of the United Nations.

MMarch 2013 Meeting - Gerald Rivers

Gerald Rivers

Gerald Rivers - The Voice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a moving presentation featuring excerpts from Dr. King's speeches.

November 2012 Meeting: George Prather

George Prather
George Prather reports on Rio +20 2012 environmental conference

July 2012 Meeting: Bob Smith “Current Affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Bob and Katie Gerecke

Bob served many years in Congo and teaches the Claremont Adult School Africa Class. He gave a very informative speech.

Report from the National Conference in Washington, D.C.– Katie and Bob Gerecke & Mel Boynton - June 2012

Bob and Katie GereckeThe attendees shared their experiences and information gained at the National Conference in regard to the UN Foundation and our continuing support of the United Nations. Q & A followed. June 19, 2012


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Celebration Video

YouTube video Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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UN Foundation/UNA-USA Strategic Alliance Video - Click here to view


April 15 PVUNA Meeting

Essay contest winners were joined by supporters, judges, family, and friends (1st Place, Sharon Musa, 2nd Place, Lynus Vuong, 3rd Place Andrew Brown).

Chapter Intern Leyth Swiden reports on the Syrian Vigil.

Former Ambassador Cameron Munter describes the Pakistani and United States relationship. 

Pomona Valley UNA Chapter Meeting

All Members and Friends, Our next Pomona Valley UNA Chapter Meeting and Program is 5:30 PM Tuesday, April 15th at Room 107 at Carnegie Hall (425 N College Ave).  Note the change of location.  We will honor our essay contest winner(s) and hear presentations by former US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, as well as from former Director of the UNAIDS New York Office, Bertil Lindblad.  We will also hear a report on the March 25th Syrian Vigil.   Refreshments are served and the public is invited.

Feb 19, 2013: Update on situation in the Greater Kurdistan

Kurdish Update Speakers

Speakers from the Kurdish American Information Society
(KAES) Education Committee
From left: Mr. Luqman Barwari, Mr. Hiwa Nezhadian, Mr. Sardar Zuhdi,
Mr. Ardi Rashidi, Mel Boynton (UNA-USA Division President), and Dr. Amir Sharifi

At the February 19, 2013 meeting of the PVUNA, Ardi Rashidi led a group from the Kurdish American Information Society (KAES) Education Committee who presented to the UNA-USA members a program on the latest developments in the Middle East, particularly events affecting Kurdistan.

Ardi, a member of our UNA-USA Directors, was president of the Pomona Valley Chapter UNA, Southern California Division UNA and heavily involved in the recent merger of UNA-USA with the Better World Foundation led the group presenting a program on the latest developments in the Middle East, particularly events affecting Kurdistan.

Eastern Kurdistan: Mr. Hiwa Nezhadian addressed the Human Rights situation in the region and the recent alliance of the Kurdish Democratic forces to promote and advocate the rights of Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan.

Southern Kurdistan: Mr. Sardar Zuhdi addressed the social and economic progress made in the region and will urge the United Nations to peacefully resolve the status of the disputed territories without resort to arm conflict.

Northern Kurdistan: Mr. Luqman Barwari addressed on the advance of meetings and talks between the Kurdish leadership with their Turkish counterparts to resolve the Kurdish issue peacefully in Turkey.

Western Kurdistan: Dr. Amir Sharifi presented the plight of the Kurds in Syria and that country’s bleak hope for survival without ending the deep, chronic and gross violation of rights of all its citizens and recognition of the full autonomy for the Kurdish population in Western Kurdistan.

More information on the Kurdish American Situation

A couple of photos from the Pomona Valley UNA Annual Meeting & Potluck - January 27, 2013

Nur Lalji Prof. Haley
PVUNA Student Intern Nur Lalji
Prof. P. Edward Haley, Speaker
Claremont McKenna College Professor
Laura Giroux & Mel Prof Haley
Laura Giroux, UNA-USA National
Membership Director and
Mel Boynton, SoCal Division President
Prof. Haley presented an up-to-date assessment of "The Arab Uprisings"
Annual Mtg 2013
Enjoying our speaker after the wonderful potluck!


Veterinary Professor and parasitologist Dr. Malika Kachani recognized on international stage

Update on our Pomona Valley UNA member Dr. Malika Kachani

Pomona, Calif. - 01/14/2013 -- Veterinary Professor and parasitologist Dr. Malika Kachani has been recognized on an international stage through several invitations to participate in the following:

She was invited by the World Health Organization to attend the Extraordinary Session of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group Meeting on Neglected Tropical Diseases (STAG NTD) on Oct. 9, 2012 at the headquarters of the World Health Organization. The objective of the meeting was to reach a consensus on the STAG NTD report, to scorecard for monitoring progress on preventive chemotherapy and to prepare a UN resolution for the Executive Board and for the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of WHO. All expenses were covered by WHO.

She was invited by the CDC to evaluate the Rabies Control program of the CDC in the USA and at the global level, on Oct. 29-30, 2012. She was a member of an international evaluation committee of six international experts.

On Nov. 21, she was invited by the WHO to be a member of their list of experts on zoonotic diseases. Being a member of this list is an honor, and the experts are tasked to share their expertise and knowledge with the WHO and inform them on important facts and progress that took place in their area of expertise. She was invited by the USDA to attend the Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic Course on Foreign Animal Diseases in Plum Island, on Dec 3-7. The USDA invited faculty that are involved in the Accreditation Program and teach Global Health in all veterinary schools in the USA and they covered the expenses associated with the course. This gave her an excellent opportunity to improve her Global Animal Health course.

News source: Western University of Health Sciences

Library Display by Katie Gerecke featured at October 16, 2012 Meeting.

Claremont Library




Katie Gerecke's beautiful Claremont Library Display was showcased at the Octoher 16th Chapter Meeting held in the Claremont Library Meeting Room.

We were informed that Katie Gerecke, president of our chapter, was stepping down as president due to the lengthly recovery time expected for the fall she experienced in October. Members wished her a speedy recovery and thanked her for all she has doen for our chapter. Art Sutton, vice-president, will assume the duties of president.

Stephanie Micham, our chapter student intern; Mel Boynton, division president; and Art Sutton, now presient of chapter joined in a panel discussion of

“How the United Nations benefits the United States”

Micham Art Sutton
Stephanie Micham, Student Intern
Art Sutton, President

Progress on the Millennium Development Goals - January 23, 2011

Download the presentation given by UNA-USA Southern California Division President Mel Boynton at the Annual Meeting held January 23. (Download PDF)