Millenium Development Goals

1: Poverty & Hunger
2: Universal Primary Education
3: Gender Equity
4: Child Health & Survival
5: Maternal Health
6: Infectious Disease
7: Environmental
8: Partnership for

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UNA-USA Advocacy Center

UNA-USA chapters and individual members are encouraged to undertake activities that demonstrate to elected officials in Washington the strong local level support that exists across the country for an active US leadership role in the United Nations. The MOBILIZES Advocaccy Center of the UNA-USA website contains information that can help you be an effective advocate for the United Nations in your community and among the policy-makers that shape US-UN relations.














Approved - April, 2009 Edition


Objective 1.1: Promote public discussion of multilateral approaches to global issues and the United Nations.

Implementing Activity: Promote the UNA Essay Contest – see 1.3.
Enhance local awareness of the United Nations and UN issues.
Solitcit media coverage of UNA-USA and UN-related issues.

Objective 1.2: Regularly promote specific advocacy actions.

Implementing Activity: Support an Advocacy Chair with responsibility and resources for timely action on policy issues.
Participate in national UNA-USA advocacy programs/alerts on an informed basis.
Maintain contact with elected state officials and members of Congress
Expand Op Ed pieces in local and major newspapers.
Participate in local peace, justice, and human rights events – see 1.4.

Objective 1.3: Continue involvement with local schools and libraries and provide UNA educational materials, including Model UN resources.

Promote the UNA-USA Essay Contest and local winners.
Support working to incorporate UN history in textbooks and curriculum.
Offer school classroom visits and school presentations (Speakers and UNA videos)
Continue internship program with local colleges.
Support Model UN advisors and other teachers focused on international affairs.

Objective 1.4: Collaborate with local NGOs on issues.

Implementing Activity: Collaborate with international affairs organizations.
Ongoing cooperation in Pomona Valley with International Place, Peace with Justice, Martin Luther King, Kurdish-American Education Society, Human Relations Council, and Citizens for Global Solutions.
Strive for a joint meeting with each organization ever two years.
Encourage attendees to belong to both organizations.

Objective 1.5: Maximize technology, website, and social networking.

Implementing Activity: Support webmaster with chapter content and links.
Support social network sites (such as facebook) to support programs and membership.
Use email whenever possible for communications with members and friends.
Maintain excel membership spreadsheets to improve tracking and ease of use.

Objective 1.6: Regularly publish an Electronic newsletter.

Implementing Activity: Support newsletter editor – Webmaster.
Provide electronic distribution of newsletter and mail a PDF copy to those without email. Use newsletter to promote membership (i.e., membership form).


Objective 2.1: Actively lead planning UN Day or other UNA-USA events with members, the public and other UNA-USA chapters.

Implementing Activity: Lead celebration of UN Day with participation in planning by International Place, City Council members, school and college teachers and students, and local NGOs – see 1.3 and 1.4.
Continue 4th of July participation in Claremont.
Collaborate with like-minded NG0s on UN-related issues.
Support another Global Health Conference and similar issue-based division events.

Objective 2.2: Conduct monthly meetings and/or programs.

Implementing Activity: Continue monthly meetings and programs – see 3.1 below.
Promote Chapter sponsorship of art contests co-sponsored by local art stores.
Schedule Chapter 'Night of 100 Dinners'- type events or Hunger Banquets co-sponsored by local restaurants.

Objective 2.3: Assure Chapter representation at UNA-USA Annual Meetings and Biennial Conventions.

Implementing Activity: Continue to send at least two Chapter representatives to national UNA meetings every year.


Objective 3.1: Promote programs/subjects that will interest new members.

Implementing Activity: Advertise and hold monthly programs on subjects such as women’s issues, MDGs, child advocacy, sustainability, hot spots, and UN governance.
Make membership materials available at all UNA events and regularly remind Board members to recruit at least one new member each year.

Objective 3.2: Maintain membership contacts and personalize renewals.

Implementing Activity: Have a Membership Chair on Chapter Board
Target yearly membership goals including specific groups to recruit. Target for 2009 is 75 memberships and target for 2010 is 85 memberships.
Advertise ways members can participate in and benefit from UNA-USA.
Use membership forms to build awareness in community.
Membership Chair checks monthly with national UNA-USA for accurate data.


Objective 4.1: Analyze financial needs.

Implementing Activity: Prepare and adopt annual budget at annual meeting.
Board will analyze income and expenses for appropriate levels.

Objective 4.2: Develop programs that the public will support financially.

Implementing Activity: Hold fundraising events, including with other chapters.
Suggest contributions at all UNA-USA events – see 2.1.

Objective 4.3: Continue seeking other organization support for chapter.
Implementing Activity: Maintain and expand financial contributions from other organizations (such as University Club, International Place, and shared expenses with sister groups) – see 1.4.

PDF APPROVED - 2009-2010 Action Plan

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